Apprentice Academy is an art school founded by Mardie Rees (right) and Jeremy Broderick (left). The proud parents of three beautiful children, Mardie is a professional sculptor and Jeremy an architectural designer. Together we design classroom projects that are interesting to kids and rooted in a fine arts education. Our goal is to show kids and adults the wonderfully fulfilling world of art and inspire them to participate in it!


Mardie Rees earned her BFA and has been practicing fine art for over a decade. She has had a passion for art since she was a little girl, and loves to work with students of all ages.



Jeremy Broderick, Mardie's husband, provides the technical savvy and does the heavy lifting at 'Apprentice'. He is constantly using skills developed in architecture school to help make the magic happen.

Beth Rees has been teaching and helping kids realize their potential for over forty years. Her abilities and spirit keep our classes running smoothly and allow our students to get the most from their experience.

Our studio is located in Gig Harbor, Washington, just over the Purdy spit and has glimpses of Henderson Bay. Like any good space for art, there are skylights and plenty of windows for natural light! Want to visit us?